Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Why Android Can Be A Great Career Opportunity

Android is the most used mobile operating system around the world made specifically for touch screen devices such as tablets and mobile phones/smartphones. It is based on the LINUX and for every one iOS user there are three Android user. The main reason behind such popularity is its simple user interface and great usability. It is very easy to use and operate and offers great functionality that no other operating system offers as of now. Needless to say it has a great market and pursuing a career in the field of Android would be a great decision. Android training in Bangalore is very trending nowadays, with more and more software professionals going for it. 

Here are some of the reasons why android training could prove to be a productive measure for you.
The android operating system is free to use by anyone and has been this way since its very inception. We also expect that google – the company that owns android, will keep it that way in the future.
It is easy to make an android app by simply downloading the tools provided by Google.
Android is an open source operating system. The code on which it is based comes from AOSP or Android operating system project. This means that anyone can take this code and manipulate it to form a custom-made operating system.

Android training can also prove to be a great part of corporate training in Bangalore. It can be done to keep the existing employees up to date with new developments in Android.