Wednesday, 14 August 2019

How to Hire Data Scientists Based on A Company’s Readiness?

Employing data analytics is one of the best ways to predict what the consumers would want in future, in a most accurate manner. Such a prediction model could offer organizations with much better growth opportunities. However, the problem here is that many organizations aren’t even aware of where they should begin with implementing analytics-based strategy.
Employing a data analyst who has went through the data science courses in Bangalore could be beneficial for organizations. Here’s how you could hire a data scientist based on the readiness of a company:

Crawl stage

This is the stage when organizations haven’t yet accurately determined how the analytics would be used to their own advantage. In crawl stage of a company, the areas of the business are being identified which could produce ample data to be used for analytics. analytics strategy needs to be thought of like any other critical unit of business.

Walk stage

This is the next stage, known as the walk stage, where the company starts considering its next round of hiring data analytics. The hired person needs to have taken data structures course online and should be an expert in reading and creating detailed reports on big data available with the organization, accurately.

Run stage

During this stage, organizations need to be capable of making accurate predictions with the use of machine learning predictive model and gain a newfound insight. During this stage, the company should be able to easily predict what their consumers would prefer or like based in their past actions and behaviors.