Friday, 10 July 2020

AI and Analytics in Developing Vaccines for Corona!

The whole world is facing its worst pandemic over the past 100 years due to coronavirus, thousands of vaccines are being created every day but unfortunately none are yet finalized. In such a peril AI and Data Science are serving their parts towards controlling the spread of coronavirus, with their helpful technologies they are helping the government in stopping the contamination. It is obvious that these tech fields are capable of helping collect data but the surprising thing is that they are even serving towards finding a vaccine. How could IT help in finding an antidote for a virus? The answers are down the blog!

AI is identifying, tracking and forecasting outbreaks
AI is living up to the formula of prevention is better than cure, it is helping the government by predicting possible outbursts of virus in places. It analyzes news reports, social media platforms, official documents and other such resources to identify and detect an outbreak. This helps the government greatly to be prior informed about the situation so that they could take precautionary actions and strict lock down about it.

AI is helping to diagnose virus
An AI company named Infervision has launched a tool or a machine that helps the front-line healthcare workers to detect and identify the virus coherently. Many such inventions are coming up lately like the powerful e-commerce company Alibaba also has built such a system that helps to detect the contamination of disease with 96% accuracy. Such machines to be present in the environment of hospitals can help in various ways possible, mainly by cutting half of the work of nurses and caretakers.

Drones are delivering medical essentials
Stepping out of home could be a risk for big time but it gets mandatory for those who have critical medical conditions, drones are helping such people with utmost safety. It delivers the medical supplies to those who are in need at their doorstep. This is an efficient way of using machines especially if it is helping people to stay safe at home even during medical emergencies.

Developing drugs
Thanks to Machine learning and Deep learning that now we can rely on machines to efficiently work on finding the vaccine. Google's DeepMind is using the latest AI algorithms and great computing support to understand the proteins involved in the case. Machines are always known to deliver the result of a work more accurately and efficiently compared to humans, it is because of their ability to work persistently.

 AI in identifying infected individuals
China has some advanced systems and tools to identify the individuals with viruses without getting in contact with them. Its surveillance system uses facial recognition and body temperature detection software to identify people who might have fever and if possibly have a virus. Similar technology like 'smart helmets' used by officials helps in identifying people who have fever.

There are monitoring systems which use the help of Big Data in identifying the infected people based on their travel history and activity. The amount of time they have spent in a contaminated zone, their conventional activity around the area will be analysed to have an idea upon the potential possibility of them carrying the virus.

Supercomputers with advanced ML working on to find vaccine
Cloud computing resources and advanced systems of various strong tech companies are apparently being used by the researchers to efficiently track the possible development of vaccines. These systems have robust reactive capacity so anything done using these systems could be expected to happen smoothly and quickly.

Artificial Intelligence has again proved its potential and capability during the worst and helpless time. When the technology is used in the right way the consequence will also be right and efficient. These are some examples of ways AI is helping us during COVID-19 pandemic, it is majorly serving through working on finding vaccines for the worst epidemic.

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