Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Know-How to win over the 3 key provocations against securing Your First Data Science Job

Nowadays, doing a data science certification course is a very common practice. But does getting certified mean getting a job? In reality, this is not so easy. Aspirants are struggling to land their first data science job for a long time. Read this article to know why (3 key provocations)? And what are their prerequisite solutions?  

Provocation 1: Plenty of Interview calls but no offer letter

Almost all the Data Science Courses in Bangalore now advertise for a job assistance programme on their certification course. So getting an ample amount of interview calls is not a matter of surprise. But, cracking the interview depends on your efficiency.

There are mainly three inferences about why the recruiter turns down your application to the rejection list after the first round of interviews.

     Lack of strength in your project portfolio

     Lack of programming proficiency from the perspective of statistical concept application

     Ineffective domain knowledge

To win over these challenges, you need to consider the following precautions. 

     Ensure that you have done the creditable real-time industrial project and documented it properly on online platforms like Linkedin or GitHub. Also, make sure that your project benefits are in-lined with your domain expectations. For example, being from the pharmaceutical industry, doing a project on Uber analytics does not hold any significance during a job interview.

     In the case of codding efficacy, your entry-level designation does not demand hard-core programming knowledge. Rather, what it demands is the creditable application of your basic programming knowledge on making effective ML models and algorithms. So practice more on this aspect.

     Ensure that you apply to the right job position that equally gives credit to your newly earned data science knowledge and previously earned practical domain-based knowledge. 

Provocation 2: Getting offer letter but with degradation of designation/salary package

At this point, I am not talking about the fresh graduates. Rather my focus is on the aspirants seeking for career transition. Unfortunately, after completing your data science certification, companies offer your job but sometimes with lower designation and sometimes with a lower salary package. The key reasons for such ill-incidents may be as follows.

     You are not targeting the right job role.

     Your certification learning module was not effective according to your domain knowledge or working experience.

      Your project is not all a creditable one.

To win over this challenge, the best option is

     Do extensive research on your targeted job role and the skills you currently hold to ensure that you can meet recruiters' expectations.

     Choosing a course randomly is the biggest mistake most of the aspirants make. Not all the courses are suitable for all. As domain knowledge holds a crucial position in the data science domain, choose such a course that makes you a competent data science candidate in your domain.

     Ensure that your project is perfectly showcased so that the talent acquisition team gets convinced enough about your ability to help their company grow.  

Provocation3: Feeling low about job sustainability

Even after grabbing your first data science position, if you remain doubtful about your job sustainability, then it might be possible that

     You have started finding a gap in your learning while doing practical things.

     You lack soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and time management.

     Either you are low in conceptual knowledge or ineffective in tool handling. 

To win over such situations, you need to take part in competitions like the Kaggle competition, do some soft skill up-gradation courses, and discuss with your organisational domain experts and seniors. Just don't give up without trying to evaluate the problem. 

The above solutions will help you fight back with your career transition challenges, but the best way is to take precautionary measures by choosing the right course at the initial stage. Then, you can join Learn bay Data science certification courses, where you will be trained against all the aspects associated with the above challenges. Finally, with a comprehensive data science course syllabus and expert job assistance, you will become job market competent in the real means.