Thursday, 22 July 2021

AI and Machine Learning Courses, Data Science Training in Bangalore


Artificial Intelligence :-

Today, AI is one of the most important new-age technologies, with applications in a wide range of sectors across the world, and the possibilities in AI are growing rapidly.

This is concerned with giving robots the capacity to think and operate in the same way as humans do. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computers that are capable of doing tasks that are typical of human intelligence. However, it encompasses skills such as preparation, language understanding, object perception and sound perception as well as listening and problem-solving abilities among other things.

Machine learning :-

Machine learning is an artificial intelligence subset that uses a computer algorithm to analyze data syntactically in order to identify or predict anything in a text.


         Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

    Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms

    Semi-supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

    Reinforcement Machine Learning Algorithms


 The best courses Artificial intelligence and Machine learning :-


   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course By Learnbay:-Machine Learning  courses by Learnbay  This is one of the best ways to do this career. IBM-certified  data science and ai course , Around a hundred students are put in exciting data-science positions companies. Through authentic real-time industry projects. Choosing Learnbay, you can accomplish the most ambitious current and potential data scientist jobs in india


    Duration: 9 Months

    Fees: Rs.75,000.

    Mode of Learning: Online


        Post Graduate Program In AI And Machine Learning by Simplilearn

This course was designed by Simplilearn in partnership with Prude University and collaboration with IBM to give comprehensive knowledge about artificial intelligence. 

      Duration: 12 Months

      Fees: Rs. 2,30,000

      Mode of Learning: Online

    Andrew Ng Courser Deep Learning Specialization:-

Andrew Ng's Courser Deep Learning specialty is a more advanced course series for individuals interested in learning about AI and deep learning, how to use it to solve issues, and how to start a career in AI.

        Mode of Learning: Online

        Duration : 4 months 

Data Science:- In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the need for data science graduates. Nowadays, companies and organizations are seeking experts that understand their requirements and can identify the best data-driven solution and then execute it. In recent years, both government and commercial companies and agencies have relied on big data analysis to better serve their users. 

Top Data science courses in Bangalore:- 

    Data science and Artificial Intelligence course by Learnbay :-

Learnbay data science courses is a one-stop solution for all your data science and ai course-related queries, as we are specialized in data science training in bangalore and data science courses for managers and globally for the professionals who want to pursue their career in Data Science and AI. 

        Course fees: - Rs. 59,000.

        Mode of Learning: Online 

    Post Graduate Program in Data Science By Simplilearn:-This postgraduate course in Data Science offered by Purdue University in collaboration with IBM. 

      Duration: 12 Months

      Fees: Rs. 2,15,000

      Mode of Learning: Online 

      PG Diploma in Data Science by Upgrade :- Upgrade IIITB data science courses are one of the best resources available today, upgrade Global university of information Technology Bangalore is a scientific and research university in Bangalore, founded on 15 September 1999 first as Indian Institute of Information Technology, with a campus in the International Tech Park. 

    Mode of Training:- Online and Classroom Training.

    Course Fees:- Rs.2,85,000


Several such institutions and universities are offering some of the best knowledge-based resources for improved technological development in this era of digital transformation, when every business needs highly skilled Data Scientist abilities. There are many possibilities to become a data scientist of this kind in the business, making it difficult to decide which path to follow. In this article, I've collected a list of some of the top courses that may help you become an expert in machine learning and data science .