Wednesday, 18 July 2018

What is machine learning?

We constantly keep hearing about deep learning, predictive analysis, and machine learning, and lots of thanks to Stephen Spielberg, many of us are much familiar with the term – AI or Artificial Intelligence. So, what’s so special about these concepts? How can machine learning affect our personal or professional lives?

One of the important component of AI is machine learning. With machine learning training, one is capable of programming the machine to gather and analyze and learn from any given data, while mimicking human responses. There have been a lot of people who have tried to convey the meaning of machine learning, and one of the most justifying definition is – machine learning is the process through which computer are able to extract knowledge from big data and make predictions accordingly which are statistically justified. Machine learning is basically about analyzing knowledge, drawing conclusions, and also make predictions about the future data instances.

The advent of machine learning began during the early 90s. it began with relatively small tasks such as assessing the credit cards via applications and sorting by zip codes and hand-written characters, and also similar basic functions.

However, as years went by, machine learning has advanced a lot.

It is now much more capable of handling the more complex tasks. With knowledge about machine learning and online data structures and algorithms course, one can perform amazing tasks. For instance, during a research experiment, an algorithm was used to grade an essay. As a result, this algorithm was able to grade the essay at par with human teachers.