Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Is The Data Analytics Course Worth A Shot?

Ever since Data Science came into existence, the most common buzz around has remained if Data Science is worth an opportunity! Well, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the next decade is dedicated to Data Scientists. There are ample statistics that reveal the upcoming surge in data scientist demand throughout the worldwide industries.

So let’s take a quick look at what’s happening in the Data Science domain and how you could switch your career to data science smoothly.

What is Data Science?

So, what does Data Science actually mean? Data science is an intersection of mathematics, computer science, and statistics. It deals with huge amounts of data collection, manipulation, storage, and analysis for deriving meaningful results.

Every sector-healthcare, finance, banking, media, transportation, hospitality, retail, e-commerce, and similar industries are highly dependent on data science for boosting their sales and marketing.

Why is it so important? How data science resolves those problems which are escaped by general human intelligence? Well, it's rigorous training of business models using data. Let’s learn about how Data Science is transforming the industrial methodologies for success.

Why Data Science?

The reasons why data science is so much in the face of innovation and maturity is described below.

 The billion dollar answer on the question of the importance of data science is that it reduces the errors of uncertainty in an organisation.

  Data mining enables the exploration of useful insights and building business strategies around it

  It is an effective way to build friendly relations with customers by understanding their needs in depth

 From banking to transport and manufacturing, data science optimises business processes

Why Become a Data Scientist/ Data Analyst?

The five best reasons to become a data scientist by switching careers in data science are described below.

Great career transition

Data scientists play a key role in organisation and add lots of value to the net worth.

Great job roles

After acquiring data science skills, a candidate can choose to become a data engineer, a data science manager, ML engineer, an analyst, and so on.

Decision maker

This is a great opportunity where a data scientist has the core responsibility of taking well-informed business decisions.

Low competition

Since this job role demands highly analytical and skilled people, the competition to get hired in such challenging roles is always very low.

Highest salaries

A data analyst or scientist can expect a great salary package depending on their critical roles and responsibilities.

Importance of Data Science Certification

Now it’s time to focus on the options available to pursue a career in data science. First of all, a certified degree stating your qualification as a data scientist is a prerequisite. Getting a degree is simple but acquiring it from reliable and renowned resources is equally important. One of the most trusted names for Data Science Certification In Bangalore is Learnbay.

Learnbay is the ideal data science Institute for Data Science Certification In Bangalore professionals wishing to switch their career into data science and take up the job profiles such as data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, ML engineer, AI engineer, domain specialisation data scientist, and many more. They can learn AI, ML, and Data science from any corner of the world.

Learnbay provides a range of data science courses for any professional with a work experience of at least a year. If your past experience lies in business, travel, hospitality, healthcare, media, or any other similar industry, you can get a specialisation in that domain.

Here is a list of offerings by Learnbay:

       Data Science & AI Certification | Domain Specialisation For Professionals

       Advance AI & ML Certification | Become AI Expert In Product based MNCs

       Data Science & AI Certification Program For Managers and Leaders

       Job Guarantee or Money Back | Data Science & AI Certification Course

       Data Science & Business Analytics Program | Fast Track Course

       Industrial Training in Data Science and AI for Fresh Graduates | IBM Certified

With these courses, you can get certified as a data scientist. It consists of more than 200 hours of classroom sessions in collaboration with IBM. More than 15 real-time industry projects are available. The job assistance program helps in preparing you for industrial jobs. The courses are entirely case study driven with 24/7 technical support.

If you are a beginner with no idea about Data Science and still wanting to pursue it, take up the Industrial Training in Data Science and AI for Fresh Graduates | IBM Certified course.

Scope after Data Analytics Courses

It is really interesting to note that the job market for data scientists will increase to 11.5 million by 2026. The US bureau of labour statistics has clearly stated that data science is the domain of the decade.

The average salary of a Data Scientist in the USA was $94,280 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent Data Scientist made $125,140 in 2019. The lowest-paid 25 percent made $70,090 in the same year. The upcoming years or next decade is expected to only see a growth in salary packages.

The Data analytics courses in Bangalore by Learbay Data Science Institute can meet all the requirements of a working professional wanting to pursue/switch careers in Data Science. You can join the data science certification courses of Learnbay. To enrol for the course, book a slot for telephonic counselling and profile review here. Avail the limited discount offers now!


Businesses are busy in ranking up their business goals. They are extremely invested in improving their data science workforce and come out with better planning. Every department of every business requires at least one efficient Data Scientist. Now you can imagine the workload on Data Scientist and their demand for job roles.

We hope this blog helps you in choosing the right data science course. This might have helped you in clearing the doubts and questions surrounding data science.

Learnbay offers all the basics to advance courses in Data Science to working and non-working professionals. The experts at Learnbay have made many successful careers in Data Science. The aspirants have got their degrees and are working at highly successful companies. Learn more about the professional guidance to the learners on our website.

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